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We have been trusted by many clients and continue to offer our bespoke vacuum forming service. To find out more about vac forming and how it could work for you, check out our frequently asked questions.

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What is plastic vac forming?

Vac forming is a similar process to thermoforming. A sheet of plastic has heat applied to it until it softens, before being draped over a mould of any shape, depending on your requirements.

A strong suction of air, or ‘vacuum’, is then applied from below, attracting the soft plastic over the mould to form its shape.
Once cooled, the mould can be removed, leaving just a perfectly formed plastic component.

What can vac forming be used for?

Vacuum forming can be used for making covers for packaging, tablet/pill packaging, shop displays, plastic parts for cars and other vehicles – the possibilities are endless.

At Sarik Vacform, we provide vac formed products for many industries including medical and automotive, supplying orders of all different quantity sizes.

Our team are very flexible in our approach, so to find out if vac forming is the solution you’re looking for, get in touch to book a consultation.

What are the benefits of vac forming?

Vac forming has a huge number of benefits over alternative methods such as rotational and injection moulding. The two most common advantages are the low costs and exceptionally rapid turnaround times.

The vac forming process is also incredibly flexible, as prototypes are cheap to produce, and there is a wide choice of plastic material types to work with.

Is vacuum forming cost effective?

Yes. At Sarik Vacform, we provide our services for clients on a no-minimum order basis. Whatever the quantity of vac formed products you require, we can supply.

With 3D printing becoming more and more accessible and affordable, we are able to create your unique moulds out of cost-effective materials such as MDF, resin, foam and even some metals. This allows us to provide you with a highly accurate final product, at a fraction of the cost compared to more expensive manufacturing methods.

What kind of surface finish does this method achieve?

We are able to provide a range of finishes depending on your project requirements. Certain aspects have to be taken into consideration such as the thickness of the plastic we use, which can be used to create the various finishes, including gloss, matt, smooth or textured.
In your initial consultation with Sarik Vacform, we will discuss all of your expectations and requirements, allowing us to provide you with a vac formed product that suits your specifications.

Why Choose Sarik Vacform?

We have over 30 years of experience in providing vacuum forming and offer bespoke services to a variety of customers and industries.

We’ve worked on projects including automotive vac forming, educational aids, and even medical products. Our attention to detail is unmatched, aiming to provide a completely bespoke service to each and every one of our individual clients.

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