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About Sarik Vacform


Our Vacuum Forming Industry Expertise

We at Sarik Vacforming pride ourselves on our high-quality products, our friendliness, and our professionalism. We have a rapid response time and organise personal consultations with you and your team so you can tell us all we need to know about your project. We have a rapid response time and will deliver cost-effective quotations and project times for both prototypes and production alike. We have been trusted by many clients and continue to offer our bespoke vacuum forming service.

Vacuum Forming For Your Industry

We are Sarik Vac-form and provide a high-quality service for all of your vacuum forming needs.

We specialise in Model making and are part of the Sarik Hobbies group. We have over 30 years of experience in vacuum forming and offer bespoke services to many other companies and individuals in just as many different industries. We’ve contributed to projects in automotive vacuum forming, educational aids, and even medical products, so our experience is very diverse.

Bespoke Solutions

We pride ourselves on a personal and bespoke service catering for large and small order quantities. It’s our priority to support our customers with quality products and a supportive service, regardless of their order size and business size. We treat each customer with the same level of respect and attention to detail; ensuring every business large and small receives high-quality products.

Sarik Vacforming is based in the West Midlands and we work with many companies around the UK.

We use reputable UK made machines to produce the best results for your vac-forming. We also use high-quality plastic materials to create your vacuum forming products from, delivering on our promise of quality and efficiency.

Your Consultation with Sarik Vacform

Your initial consultation with us will begin with us learning about your product and business. This will help us to get an idea of the unique requirements of your project and inform the detailed brief we will create for you. Our attention to detail is unparalleled, so our bespoke briefs, moulds, and products are unique to you and fit all of your project requirements. We are sensitive to timescales, too, and work to keep our vacuum forming process as time and cost efficient as possible.

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We pride ourselves on our quality products and our efficient & supportive service. 
We are based in the West Midlands and work with many companies around the UK.